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Jaguar Land Rover

Hello everybody,

I have applied for Jaguar Land Rover graduation scheme (Product Development) and I should take an online Numerical/verbal reasoning test as part of their assessment and was wondering if anyone has already been through this process. I would appreciate it if someone could point out what type of question their Numerical test has (Estimation, computing, currency …) and if anyone could please inform me of any good free resources that I can practice on.

Many Thanks


Hi!! I have applied for the same scheme a day back…Since your post is old, you must had given the Numerical/Verbal Tests, have you?? If Yes, can you share what type of questions are we expecting normally? And if possible, have you referred to any reference practice tests??


Hi Vin,

Have u done ur online tests yet? i applied at similar time as urs, havent got any reply. its a bit tooo long…



No I havn’t got any response either…They are still processing my Application…Do lemme knw if you get any reverts…and keep checkin’ out here too…
And yeah!! Are you there on Facebook?? If yes, Pl. give your details on my Univ. of Leeds Email:…so that we can discuss more bout
the application…