Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) Purchasing Graduate Programme (2012)

Jaguar Land Rover

For people applying to JLR 2012 Purchasing Programme.


I applied to the programme in December and completed my online tests in early January. Just waiting to find out if I’ve made it through to an assessment centre. Shouldn’t be too much longer I guess.


Hi I have an assessment centre on the 9th of Feb. Is anybody else going to this? Has anybody been to a jag one before? Any hint or tips?



Lex - When did you get your invite?

I saw assessment centre info in:


I know its an HR forum but I imagine the format is fairly similar.


Cheers mate, its Alex btw as well typo lol. I got my invite a few about 5 days ago. Have you heard anything?


Nah not heard anything. I know for a fact I got a question wrong on the online math section, I was clicking to change my answer just as the timer ran out. As evil as it is, I am hoping a few other people messed up a question or two so I stand a chance of getting through.


Yea, I dont think i got 100% in all of them i reckon if you got above 80% they will go on other stuff like the questions and degree etc. Good luck with it.


If I got one wrong then I’d end up with 90+% so hopefully I’ll be okay. My degree and masters are well suited to the programme that might help me out a little.

Good luck with your assessment centre. Let me know how you get on.


Hi Alex,
Hope your assessment went well. I’d be grateful for any advice on what to expect - although I guess it wouldn’t be in your interest… :wink: I’ve been invited for an assessment on Feb 21st.


I saw you posted in the other thread so I will put something on there


I saw you posted in the other thread so I will put something on there