Jaguar Land Rover Graduate Scheme 2018

Jaguar Land Rover


Hey guys!

Anyone applying to JLR for 2018 intake, post here! I am thinking of the Supply Chain and logistics scheme, whats everyone applying for?


I applied for the design few weeks ago and haven’t heard anything back from them, but their assessment day in the end of January so hoping they’ll reply soon.


I applied for the purchasing grad scheme and have not heard anything yet


Have you heard anything yet?


i havent heard anything from them


Has anyone heard about AC for product engineering role?


I was sent an invitation mail today


Has anyone heard from analytics


Anyone for Manufacturing?


For product engineering? If yes for what date?


Yes, 12th March. I may not be able to make it though as my visa may not be ready in time


15th March for me, PE - Software


Did you make the AC


How did it go?


It was good. However I was initially part of the morning session but due to some jlr assessors not showing up I had to wait around until the afternoon session. Still a great day and everyone was very accommodating


Hi Travis, even i attended the AC fr Software PE role on 8th of march! Iam still awaiting my results! So how many members did u hv in ur batch during the AC n dod dey tell any specific dates rgrdng d release of d results!?


Hi Shiva, you’ve not given me much hope about hearing back about mine now haha. There was 9 for the morning, then 6 in the afternoon. I think they had an AC on the 12th as well. I wasn’t told when to hear back, but heard it should be within 2 weeks


Haha! It seems lyk a bit of a competition fr dis role! V hd 10 in our batch n 6 in d aftrnun batch! Lemme know if u hear back from them! Good luck!!!


Will do! I can’t find any other forums for the 2018 grad applications…weird!


Has anyone heard anything since they’ve attended an AC?