Jaguar Land Rover Graduate Scheme 2016 intake

Jaguar Land Rover


Hiya! Has anyone applied for JLR graduate scheme?



I will be applying for the Finance Graduate programme shortly; want to get in early. The application process seems quite straightforward for a graduate application.What do you think, what placement are you applying for?


Hi, I applied for the marketing, sales and service Grad scheme about 4 weeks ago now… Recently took my online tests but haven’t heard anything else yet!! Has anyone else completed these tests?? How did you find them?


Hi, I have to complete the tests within 4 days, but I’m confused as on the email it says Situational Judgement Test that will last 30 mins. Are they like usual numerical and verbal tests? It seems a bit strange that there were no long questions to answer, no cv, no cover letter. Is it the same with you, or I did something wrong?


Hi, no this was the same as me :slight_smile: I completed the situational judgement tests around 2/3 weeks ago then had another email to complete verbal, numerical and diagrammatical online tests.
The situational judgment test was fairly straight forward, they present you with different scenarios and you have to rate how you would handle that situation on a scale.
I was surprised to not be asked for a CV or covering letter either!


I am so glad I found this thread! I applied for the Marketing scheme 3 weeks ago, and was worried I had missed something out the application process as it sounds like it has completely changed since last year’s intake. I did the Situational Judgement test the following day but haven’t heard anything since. Did you hear anything between taking the Situational Judgement tests and being invited to the next tests? (Even a confirmation of you having completed the SJT?)


Hi, no I didn’t receive any confirmation after taking the SJT, just an email around 2 weeks later asking me to complete the psychometric test. Even after taking that I never heard anything. I don’t think they are doing the assessment centres until the new year though so probably won’t hear anything until then!


I’ve recently applied for the PR & Comms Graduate Scheme, got the email asking me to take the situational test today, wasn’t bad at all (I don’t think), so now going to be anxiously waiting for the next stage. Best of luck to you all! After some research I’ve found that last year’s applicants didn’t hear anything post-numerical tests until the New Year like Kelly said above. :slight_smile:


Ok thanks! Hopefully I’ll get an email like that soon :slight_smile: That sucks about the AC, I was hoping it would move a bit quicker than that!


I applied for engineering graduate scheme and was so confused about not attaching a CV or anything, I emailed them asking! They said they didn’t require a CV with the application but let me send one if I wanted to attach it! It is so different to last year; I applied to the placement scheme a couple of years ago, they emailed me that year saying that it was taking ages for them because 13000 people had applied!!

Is the situational judgement test pretty straightforward btw? they have no competencies on their website either…


I applied for HR graduate programme last evening and just today I have got an email for taking the situational judgement test. Can you please tell me, how are they like and how to go about them and what would we have after this test … please email me if you can at; anshul.lau at

Thanks !


Hi all, received an email the other day saying my test results met their required benchmark - one step closer! It then goes on to say that going on a combination of my test results, they will rank me with a possibility that in the new year I could be invited to the assessment centre !

I personally think that the SJTs aren’t that bad and is just a case of seeing how you would react to situation. If you google about them you can find some really useful information that can help you prepare with example questions.

Good luck all !!


Hi ther ,
I applied for Product development grad scheme and had the sjt on 1st of October . I have not received any reply since. Did they update you by email or at the job account on their website ?


Have my SJTs done and now on to the diagrammatic, numeracy and verbal ones! Here’s hoping!


when did you take your SJT? and after how long did JLR contact you for psychometric testing?



I haven’t heard anything back from them after the psychometric testing either and I took mine last week. I spoke to someone from JLR at a grad fai and they said I would hear back in about 4 weeks


How long did you wait for them to invite you to the psychometric tests? I did my SJT last week but hasn’t heard anything back since.


It took about a week from the SJT to the Psychometric tests


Also, my one advice with the psychometric tests is DO NOT DO THEM IN FULL SCREEN MODE in chrome. Every time I tried to select answer a, i was wrestling with a dropdown notice about how it was in full screen!


I applied for the finance graduate scheme, did the SJT shortly after and recently completed the psychometric tests. The latter 4 questions of the psychometric test are fairly difficult given the time constraints. I dont know how well I did but I take it they wont get back to anyone so soon. I kinda preferred it with other companies where they let you know instantly if you passed or failed. I really want to get on this scheme though. Advice to anyone. Take your time and prepare the practice tests are similar to the first 4 questions you get but the later four are harder and require more time.