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As there were 13000 applications for Jaguar Land Rover graduate schemes I thought I would start a thread for the design graduates. The information will hopefully be similar for all the following roles:

Digital Modeller
Clay Modeller
Colour and Materials Designer

I applied for the Digital modeller role in November 2011 and received a reply in March 2012. After I had taken the Psych tests online I was contacted via email saying I had been accepted to the assessment Centre.

Email I received was as follows:

Candidate ID Number XXXXXXXXX


Thank you for completing your application. Having reviewed your application, you have performed extremely well and we would like to invite you to an Assessment Centre.

Congratulations! We received a large number of applications for our vacancies of a very high standard - and so you have done very well to make it through to this last stage of what has been a very competitive process – Well Done!

To book yourself on to an Assessment Centre, click the link at the bottom of this email.
Should you experience any difficulties, please contact us at

I was surprised to get through as I did not feel confident in my numeracy abilities as I come from a solid design, graphical, architecture background. I graduated with a 2:1 in Architectural Visualisation so was really surprised to get through.

What have I been told to bring with me to the AC?

  • Normal confidential paperwork both original and photocopies colour or black does not matter.
  • Hard copy of my portfolio that I uploaded whilst applying in the early stages. ( I actually applied to the IT and Design scheme but as i could only apply to one i withdrew my IT scheme application.)

From the email continued:-

"We will collect copies of ALL your documentation on the day, including, where applicable, your passport; immigration and visa documentation; National Insurance number; and academic qualifications. Please ensure you have ALL the originals as well as photocopies of ALL your documents with you. If you are bringing your passport, please ensure that you also bring along photocopies of the outer front and back covers, as well as photocopies of the pages that clearly include your name, photograph and immigration details. If you do not have a UK passport, please bring your full birth certificate and proof of your National Insurance number with accompanying photocopies.

As we cannot process work permit applications on behalf of candidates, we would not be able to offer you a position until you have secured the appropriate approvals from the Home Office to legitimately work in the UK. If you are currently studying and have not yet been able to obtain a post-study work permit, please bring any information that you have with you.

Please note that you are required to bring your A Level or equivalent qualification certificates to the Assessment Centre.

You are also required to bring proof of your degree classification. If you have not graduated, this will be requested before you start employment with us. "

My AC is on Tuesday 13th March 2012 for design I will let you know how it goes and try to record and help other graduates as much as I can with information regarding the AC.

If you have any questions or doubts I will try to help as much as I can before the AC.

Kind Regards



I too will be attending the same interview on Tuesday. Also surprised to get in, I have a 2:1 in product design, so I’m sure there will be a huge variety of backgrounds there. Good luck!



Will your assessment day be held at the university of Warwick - Radcliffe Centre? :smiley:

If so see you there mate Just swotting up on some Jaguar history and numerical tests.

Good Luck to you too.


Numerical tests? Oh dear…! Yeah I’m going to the Radcliffe, should be an interesting experience as I haven’t interviewed with such a large company before.


Hey Kix, can you tell me whether you got your results from jaguar landrover assessment center ? If so how long did it take ?


what needs to be included in the portfolio? does have to be complex drawings? Can we include project works?


what needs to be included in the portfolio? does have to be complex drawings? Can we include project works?


Hey, How long does it take from assessment centre to hearing back?