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Good Evening,

I applied for the IT grad scheme at JLR and have passed the Online Application and Test stage. Just wondering if anyone (from any schemes) had heard if they have a place at the assessment centre? If so when did you apply. I got an email on 15th Dec saying I was still being considered, and it has been 5 weeks since I submitted my application.

Also if anyone has been to an assessment centre could you let me know what kind of stuff came up and how you got on?




Hello Dan,

I have applied for the HR Graduate Scheme. I completed the online tests this week and received an email today saying they will be in touch soon with the outcome.

How long was it after you had completed the test that they emailed you saying you had passed?

Are you still at the same stage now?



Anyone applied for the Marketing position? I took the tests in early december but still haven’t heard anything yet…



Hey Meddz and glewis89,

I just checked and I had actually completed the tests by by mid november! So its been around 10 weeks.

I still havent been told no which is a good thing though eh! Ive had an employer that took less than a week and one that took around 10-12 weeks and received good news from them both so there is still hope!

Good luck and let me know if you hear anything back!



I have also applied for the marketing position and completed the tests last year but have still heard nothing back?


Is there anyone who attended assessment center for Product development position experience hires in jaguar landrover ?


Hi Dan,

I am aware that you had applied at the begginning of this year. I was just wondering whether you had any success and whether you were invited to an assessment centre? I am going to apply for the IT grad scheme commencing in 2013 and wondered if you had tips on the IT specific application/tests/assessment centre?