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Hello everybody,

I have been accepted for Jaguar Land Rover Assessment centre (Product Development) and I was wondering if anyone has already been through this process. I would appreciate it if someone could point out what to expect in terms of interviews, role play etc.

Thank you in advance.


hey i have assessment center as well for information technology and i have no idea what its gonna be like am so nervous.,


When did u hear from Jaguar? they never got back to me. pls reply


As I mentioned in the first post, I applied for product development. I received their invitation to the assessment centre on the 29th of January. Hope this helps in some way.


Thanks Slarios,

If u dont mind, I’d like to enquire when u sent in ur application, did u take any assessment before being invited to the AC?
Success @ the AC


I sent the application 2 weeks prior the deadline. Then I had an SHL numerical and verbal reasoning test. Invitation to the assessment centre came 2 weeks after that. What I would suggest in your case is to drop them a friendly e-mail asking for further information about your case. It shows your concern and that you really care (from my point of view)


thanks slarios



Are all you guys applying for the Graduate roles?


@ Matt_B
I did apply for the graduate role. What about you?


Yeah, graduate manufacturing engineering. Emailed them a few days ago and they got back to my yesterday saying it will take 6 - 8 weeks (between February n April) to get your assessment centre date if your successful. If you email the address they sent the psychometric test links on they’ll be able to tell you whether your application is still active, under assessment or not.


Did anyone get a job in product development???

How may days/months Jaguar took to finalize the selection after the interview??



I have been invited by Jaguar Landrover to complete the SHL verbal and Numerical reasoning assessments .Could anybody tell if the format and type of questions in the full length Verbal and Numerical Reasoning Practice test in SHL site match with the questions in the real test?Also does anybody know if there is any cut off mark for Passing the real tests?

Thanks in advance…


Hi guys

I have my assessment centre next week for manufacturing engineering role. I was just wondering if you guys can tell me little bit about the technical interview. is it going to be from the past work experience mostly or they are going to ask technical questins generally.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Cheers guys



Could anyone tell me please if jaguar make telephone interview?, if so, what kind of questions are?, if not, how is the assessment?, what kind of thing do you have to do there and what kind of knowledge do you need?.. I would like to be prepared if I pass the online test…

Thank you in advance.


Hello Farooko,

Have you done your assessment in JLR?? how was it?? I am having my assessment in next couple of weeks. would you please let me know the type of qs they asked and what would i expect on the assessment day??

Thanks in advance


Hello ashwanikumar9708

How did you go about answering the question on agility and flexibility which was about Describing an occasion when you recognised an opportunity to improve something and acted on it. I am just confused on how to answer.


Hello 0203m3…

I am not sure mate about what to answer… but i did try to explain that with an example of improvement which i spotted and took steps for it in my last company… may be they were looking for something like EUREKA… anyways… i didn’t succeed in the first interview phase but wish you luck… i think you can reach them for the feedback on your assessment… gud luck


Hello everybody

Please i have done the telephone interview with a company and up till now they kept on saying my application is under consideration.does any one have the knowledge of what is going on and this is really frustrating

I have done the situational judgement test and passed and the online telephone interview but up till now i have not heard anything and they kept on saying under consideration.Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee any advice



I have the SHL numerical & reasoning tests for JLR and was wondering if the Q’s were simular to the tests on the SHL website. Also did you take a snap shot of the questions?



I have done the telephone interview, shl on line tests and the face to face interview which I was told went really well, have’nt heard anything yet been waiting 2 weeks to see if successful or not?