Jaguar Land Rover 2016 Graduate Programme

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Hi all,

Anyone applied to this and had any feedback? I recently completed all my online tests and am waiting to hear back for an A/C. Would be very helpful if you could share your experiences below

Many thanks



I have just received an email today about the A/C, met the benchmark further tests in January-march and that I could be selected for them.

The could was bold and underlined for whatever reason.


were the tests difficult and where can you practice?


they are quite hard, yes. they send you a practice pack which I used to practice and just went ahead with the real ones. I haven’t been confirmed that I’ve passed yet, so might not be the best thing to follow my advice :stuck_out_tongue:


ah okay I’m going to be sending my application off in the next day or so :slight_smile: see you at the AC hopefully :slight_smile:


Hi, I just completed the psychometric tests today - how long did it take for you to find out about the A/C?


Hi, It didn’t take very long for the reply, I think it was a couple days


Hi guys,

I am international applicant for one of the roles at JLR. Did you guys also find that there was no option to upload a resume or a cover letter? It’s the first time i’ve noticed something like this, so I just wanted to double check.



Has anyone been invited to assessment centres or heard back from JLR?


I just received an email from JLR saying that I was successed in the online test and could be invited into the AC, they are using the test score and UCAS score to rank the candidates, anybody in the same situation as me?


Did you get multiple online tests or just the SJT? All the best for your application.


they send SJT first, then if you pass you get more tests


How long did you have to wait for the other tests after the SJT?


couple of days i think


Anyone who applied for Finance and has got a date for the AC?


I just waiting for the AC, anyone know how many they take in Engineer programme this year?


Hi Guys, I also got the benchmark email at the end of October, 2015. But haven’t heard anything since. Let me know if there is any update with you guys. Thanks!


Hey guys. Applied early October and still desperately waiting some news too. Back then I emailed them some questions, here they were with their official answers:

How do you prioritize potential candidates for assessment center invites?

“We rank based on a combination of online test scores, Situational Judgement Test scores and UCAS points - with those candidates being ranked the highest on those combined criteria being offered an invite to the event.”

When are the assessment centers?

“In order to manage your expectations, the majority of our Assessment Centres will be held between late January 2016 and May 2016 and, where ever possible, we will try to provide candidates with around two weeks’ notice to attend - and so please bear with us as we process the applications.”

I hope this helps some of you! Very eagerly hoping for some good news soon.


Hey all, can anyone remember when they said the 2016 intake begins? I believe they said start is September 2016 but just want that verified by someone else. Many thanks


I have recently received an e-mail stating I have not made it onto the apprenticeship, which has significantly p****d me off quite frankly. The Situational Judgement Tests were not great as there was more than one option which could have been true for nearly all the questions.
Any advice on what i should now?