J.P. Morgan Telephone Interview (Private Equity Fund Accountant)

J.P. Morgan

Hello everyone,

I have an upcoming telephone interview on Wednesday (11/24) regarding a position as a Private Equity Fund Accountant at J.P. Morgan. It states it is an entry level position. I graduated last May and have since worked for a small accounting firm for a few months. We audited specific medical financial statements. My father is friends with the CFO of an entire division so I felt that definitely aided in obtaining the phone interview.

I have been thoroughly researching what to expect, with some conflicting ideas (due to the fact that the phone interviews were for a wide variety of unique positions.) The email I received stated that they will call me at a specific time and the interview will last between 15-20 minutes. Can anyone give me some insight on what to expect? Will there be technical accounting questions asked? Will there be financial and equity questions asked? I would imagine a lot will be personality and resume based.

I have been on interviews at Deloitte and smaller firms and landed the positions I applied for. The one thing that I am concerned with is my limited experience in the private equity sector and how I can relate my experience to them and how I would be an asset.

I greatly appreciate any advice.

Thank you.


Hey Auditor,

How did the interview go? Was the position based in Edinburgh? I have been through the process for the fund accountant role (entry level) and was told yesterday I 95% had the job but won’t find out till January. Would be interesting to find out how other people found the whole process.


Hi David,

Can you please tell me the type of questions you got asked at your interview for the position as a fund accountant?



I can’t remember the questions very well sorry. Most of it was just talking through your cv so make sure you know all about yourself and the skills etc you learned from jobs and activities etc. Do you have an assessment day? What location?
Couple obvious questions:

Why apply? - the job, company.
How do you make sure things are correct?
What else have you applied for?

Know what the FTSE is at for that day.

Try to do well in the mathematics test (it is an SHL one so practice with those).