J P Morgan Personality Test


Hello All,

Has anyone done the personality test for JP Morgan?

It says at the beginning to answer the questions honestly and that there are no right or wrong answers. If this were the case, then there would be no point of this questionnaire at all.

So they must be looking for a specific type of personality.

I had never taken the personality test before, and found that lots of the questions could of applied to me, so choosing an answer was extremely difficult.

The format was to pick one answer which most applied to you, and one that least applied to you, out of three statements.

An example would be:

  1. Are you sympathetic towards others?
  2. Are you competitive?
  3. Do you work well with numbers?

This was extremely frustrating as I can say these all suit my personality. Lets say for example I selected that I work well with numbers and I am least sympathetic towards people.

What would this really say about my personality? That I have no feelings towards others? what if JP Morgan are looking for people who are good with people?

I find this test to be a poor method for judging someones personality.

What do you guys think?


Obviously they would want someone good with people, but by saying this, you then have to say you are not competitive or not good with numbers!

I can’t fit into these categories so this test is an inaccurate method for testing someone like myself.

Has anyone else has this experience?

Do people get screened out at this stage? I can’t seem to find any other posts on this subject at all?


hey for what role was this for?