J.P. Morgan Operations (Generalist) Summer Internship

J.P. Morgan

Hi, folks.

I attended the AC for Operations (Generalist) Summer Internship last week. This morning I received an email from J.P. Morgan stating that “Congratulations on your offer of employment for an internship at J.P. Morgan this year.” According to this email, I should have received an offer call beforehand. However, I did not receive any from them. Has everyone faced the same problem before? Am I actually given an offer?

Thanks a lot!!


Where was the assessment centre?


Anyway, I have already sorted out the problem.


Nice one, did you get the internship?


Yes, I did :slight_smile:


Same, in bournemouth as well :smiley: so happy


Great! I am really looking forward to meeting everyone there!


basically tell them what happened during the group discussion again, u will get a presentation template material to follow.


Hi everyone! Congratulations to the ones who got the Internship :slight_smile:
I’m also going to the AC next week and was wondering, what kind of questions do they ask in each of the two interviews. Could you give some examples?


Does anyone know how long it takes for them to get back? I had an AC on 17th and still haven’t heard any news from them :confused: @pedrojustu you can pm for details


hey anca.sucala, have you heard back from them yet? i had one on the 26th of feb and am also still waiting for a reply!


They phoned me after 1 week, I had the AC on 17th Feb and phoned me on 25th quite late in the evening :slight_smile: still no news in your case?