J.P. Morgan - Off Cycle Internship Role, Numerical tests

J.P. Morgan

Hi everyone !

I applied for J.P. Morgan two weeks ago and I now have been invited to pass the online tests.

Do you know if everyone is inviter to take these tests or is there a selection before the test for J.P.Morgan ?

Are these tests the same as barclays or UBS ? Are these SHL types tests ?

Thanks a lot.



Can I ask you for which kind of off-cycle internship you applied for?


Global Investment Office. Think I asked for sales and trading but I’m not sure they were asking. Do you have any answer ?


Just wondering … I applied yesterday for Quantitative Research Internship … no answer yet.


Anyone has an answer to my initial questions ? That would be appreciated.


Everbody has to take the online tests, same for UBS and Barclays. Your application will be reviewed after you did and passed the test/tests.

JPM just has a SHL numerical, which is fairly easy imho.

Barclays wants you to take a SHL numerical and verbal, although they are pretty easy too.

In terms of UBS, it’s a SHL numerical and logicial test. The numerical was standard SHL, the logical however was quite difficult for me (to be fair, I didn’t practice them that much). That was the only test that I didn’t pass, hence UBS rejected my application.

The majority of banks use standard SHL numericals, some ask you to do logicals or verbals too. However, Morgan Stanley wants you to sit a numerical test provided by Kenexa (PSL).

Citi first reviews your application and then sends you the test invitation. (It was provided by Elements, if I remember it correctly)

FYI: This was for IBD.


Thanks for your answer. Yeah I knew for Barclays and UBS but not for JP.

You’re right, tests were not that difficult. But I made the same mistake you made for UBS and I failed the logical.


Haha, yeah, UBS’s logical just sucks. But who wants to join UBS anyway…


I would not mind if this is my only opportunity ^^


I applied for the Off Cycle ST&R around 2 weeks ago. After I filled in the application, they said it will be reviewed - then 2 weeks after I got the numerical, passed that and then yesterday received an inductive reasoning (logical) test. Took that, haven’t heard back yet… not too good at them!

How far are you guys into the process now?