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Hi everyone

I got invited to the JPM Sales, trading and research assessment centre and was wondering if anyone went through one that could share their experience? The email indicated that the day will consist of interviews and a case study exercise.

I am mostly wondering:
What will the structure of the day be?
What is the case study about usually?

Any experiences would be welcome!

Thanks in advance!



I received one as well! Mine is on the 6th February 8.30, when is yours?
I am mostly worried about the case study and two interviews… How technical do you think they will be?


Hey guys, how are u?how was the assessment center? I am sorry to bother you but i would like to ask you a big favour: can you share your experience about the assessment center? - - how was it structured (to know what to expect),? - how was the case study? - did they ask you technical questions? thank you so much in advance if you can help me!


I don’t know how it is in sales etc, I had mine in Finance on wednesday. We started with the case study, they took us to separate booths, presented some data on three companies and another company that we were meant to represent and gave us 50 min to prepare a 10 min presentation on which company we think our company should pursue to acquire. After 50min, we had a person from JP Morgan coming to our booth to listen to the presentation which was followed by 10 min Q&A session. Afterwards, we had a group exercise. In that one, we were divided in two groups and taken to separate rooms, where we were given some extra information regarding the three institutions and economic situation and we as a group were supposed to make a decision about the institution to acquire. We were asked to fill a form, answering questions such as what are the opportunities our company is missing for not acquiring the other two institutions, or justification of our decisions, or possible threats for acquiring that company, etc. In my group, there were 4 people (including me), so our discussion was observed by 4 JP Morgan employees. It was then followed by two interviews. The first one was more competencies based, I was interviewed by the guy who first seemed to have the coldest face ever but I managed to make him laugh and we both easened up a bit, he was very supportive. it was a standard interview, questions like the biggest mistake, how I would prioritise assignments, how I would handle working for JP Morgan and studying for CIMA, my biggest achievement, etc. None of the questions were something I haven’t seen in Wiki Jobs before. The second interview was with another guy, it was more based on motivation. Yet again, nothing unexpected. Questions like why I chose to study my degrees (because I’m currently doing masters), why I applied to JP Morgan, what I know about JP morgan, how I managed to stay motivated, why I would like to study CIMA, etc. The question that killed me was about JP Morgans competitors and services provided by JP Morgan. I know that it shouldn’t have, but at that point I was so stressed that all this detailed information just blew out of my head. But the guy was very nice and he kept saying that it’s ok if I need to think or if I can’t remember (I couldn’t…). I thought I completely blew the last interview but they called me today and offered the position (yay me!). They said that I seemed like a very positive person although they did mention my lack of in-depth knowledge of JP Morgan as a weak side. So just relax, smile, try to be positive and to look motivated and you’ll be successful :slight_smile: And really memorise all the details about JP Morgans divisions, lines and the tasks they perform :smiley:


Fist of all, congrats!!! Thank you for your detailed experience. Could i ask you which is the best way to get prepared in your opinion for the assessment center and the case study and group exercise in your opinion? Thank you and congratulation again!


What I did was I went through a lot of different questions posted on wiki jobs and tried to think of relative answers, did a lot of research on JP Morgan and watched the news all day. I don’t know if it’s possible to prepare for the case study or group assignment as it all depends on what information and what assignment you will get. Maybe analyse some balance sheets or income statements to be more familiar with the ratios used to analyse financial information but that’s the most you can do in my opinion… I don’t know how much that helps you :slight_smile:

good luck in your assessment centre, I’m sure you’ll be fine :slight_smile: let me know how it goes!


^Can anyone tell me more about what the global markets case study was exactly? Any info would be appreciated :slight_smile:


I have been invited to the assessment center at JP Morgan next week. Any idea of what the case study will be as well the interview questions? Would appreciate any comments from anyone who have attended a similar assessment. Many thanks


Hi Mike
I realise you posted this a long time ago but i have the sales and trading assessment centre next Friday and I want it so bad! I know it’s hard to remember exactly what they asked you but what came up that made you panic a bit? In my first round interview with them i messed up on some technical questions relating to my previous internship, so i’d recommend to people doing first round to be able to remember in detail what they did in previous experience…
Really hope you can help,


Is this in London? I have mine next Friday and would love to hear how you found it. From everything i’ve read the most useful advice i’ve seen is to be able to analyse a companies financials so if you aren’t familiar with accounting (which i’m definitely not) learn the balance sheet/income statement and key ratios used. Hope that helps and would love to hear from you about how it goes!
Best of luck,


Hi Charlotte,

I have a Sales assessment centre tomorrow and was just wondering what sort of Case Study they gave you and what you’d advise to do to prepare. I’m so nervous I just want to make sure I am covering the right topics and am mainly freaking out about what sort of tasks they may give you.

Thank so much!


Hey Jessica!
I hope your interviews went well! I also figured it’s been a while since you posted this, but my assessment centre for Markets summer internship at JPM is next week, and I would really appreciate any sort of advice you could give me, and insight on how it goes down.