J.P. Morgan Finance Summer Internship 2011 AC

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Hi everybody!
Yesterday I received an email from j.p. morgan inviting me to the assessment centre. I’m applying for a summer internship (for penultimate year students) in the Finance Division. I have some questions and I hope you guys got the answers!

  1. How many candidates will there be at the ac?
  2. I thought there was only one AC per programme, but reading the previous posts I got the idea that j.p. morgan might do in the future or already have done in the past other ACs for my programme. Am I right?
  3. If you already have done it, I would sincerly appreciate if you could share your experience; how was the business case study? What knowledge of finance and accounting you must have in order to be succesfull? I’m expecting some financial statements and ratio analysis: am I completely off the track?

It’s the first time I apply to an IB and therefore it’s also the first time I’ll go to an AC.

Thanks a lot for your help,



Hi fil91, congratz on getting through to the assessment centre.
I’m sure there will be others who are willing to share their AC experiences…

I would like to ask what your experiences were like in the first round interview?

Did you have 2 competency based interviews each lasting 30 minutes?
Could you remember what questions you were asked and was there anything technical about them i.e. knowledge of accounting?

Any input would be greatly appreciated



  1. 5 people incl me
  2. Yes they have but not filled up completely
  3. Depends on who interviews you. As long as you’re motivated to work for them - you’ll ace it. Case study is easy
    Financial statements - yes but not in the interview.

Good luck


Thanks everybody for your help!

I didn’t have any competency based interviews. For a summer internship if the candidate is succesfull in the application and online numerical reasoning test then he/she will go directly into an AC. The first round interviews are a part of the selection process for the graduate programme not for summer internships. But I’m 90% sure that during the assessment centre I’ll have those kind of interviews at a certain point,

@eric cartman
Thanks fot the info (short and precise = great info!)!

Hope everything works well.


another question: what’s up with the " fastrack"?

The application and interview guide provided b J.P Morgan defines it as “a paper based test looking at data analysis and decision-making capabilities.”
How are decision-making capabilities actually tested? Is it something like a brain teaser?

Many thanks in advance for who will answer!



The test you have (which is the first thing you do) - is not exactly a brain teaser but is a good way to analyze your thinking techniques.
There was one brainteaser which was however not mathematical in nature.


Hi eric,

is the “fastrack” test similar to the online tests but a paper based version of them?


I did not have a fast track test and neither did the email which I got say that.



What uni you from? When is your AC?


It’s not written on any emai,l but on j.p. morgan’s website!
Check it out here: http://careers.jpmorgan.com/student/jpmorgan/careers/europe/internship/finance
Click on the link “Finance internship application and interview guide” and there it talks about the fastrack.

I’m going to have my AC next monday. I come from Italy and I study economics and finance there.
Are you also applying to this programme? From which uni do you come from? Since you alredy did the AC may I know if you got in and how much did it take before you were given an offer?


Hey guys!

I have an assesment centre on the 6th…Finance summer internship.

Fil91- how did ur AC go?

would u mind telling me what sort of a case study they gave u?

Thanks alot


Anyone else had an AC before? I’ve got one coming up and would be nice if someone could shed some light.


5.5 hours long:
30min test: sort of like logical test. There are 5 sets of cards. Find the clue between the cards of each set and fill in the blanks on the cards. The test is not difficult. Be careful and calm. Time is tight, so you should ensure that each answer is right. Don’t go back checking.
50min: case study: A very each M&A case. No need to prepare for the case. It would help if you get familiar with the glossary terms that JPM sent you beforehand. You’d better give one or two ratio calculations of the case study. It would add points in the presentation stage. However, I didn’t do ratios.
10min presentation and Q&A section after the presentation: the interviewer was very nice. Just feel relaxed when answering his questions. Use eye contact and gestures in the presentation, and SMILE. =) Practice using flip chart will help because you will write some bullet points on the flip chart when you give the presentation.
30min group discussion: some new information was given. Therefore the conclusion for the best company to invest in will change due to the new information. Speak loudly when you talk because the assessors sit at the corner, a little bit far from you. Use eye contact and gestures as well when talking with team members. Keep the time restraint in mind and remind your team members when there are only 10min left. It is a very useful tip for me. :stuck_out_tongue: Don’t waste time discussing one question. Bear in mind you need to finish all the tasks on time. So help your team members go through all the tasks. AND CONTRIBUTE YOUR OWN POINT BUT DON’T DOMINATE THE CONVERSATION.
30 min competency questions+30 min motivational questions: try to prepare of one or two interesting answers. My first interview was a strict lady. But I made her laugh because of my interesting example. Then the interview atmosphere became relaxing. For the motivation questions, go through the JPM website and try to remember everything regarding the Finance Division and Finance Program. Prepare for some commercial questions as well.
Be CONFIDENT and Energetic. I didn’t finish all the questions of the test but it didn’t affect my mood. Always think of the next round! =) Good luck!