J.P. Morgan Asset Management Global Fixed Income, Currencies and Commodities

J.P. Morgan

I applied almost a month ago now, still no reply after completing Numerical and Verbal reasoning test. Has anyone heard anything yet? Who else applied for this division?


Hey BankerDreams,

I applied for Asset management global real assets programme and did the online numerical test, but was not invited/asked to complete a verbal reasoning test. However, I have also not heard anything from them yet.


You didn’t get this email:
We are aware that many of you are either in the process of or have completed online testing. This email is just to remind you that we review all applications as they are submitted, but we do not make any final decisions until the 25 November 2012 deadline. This is to ensure a fair process for all candidates.


Nope, I didn’t receive that email. Did you apply for the same position?


hey has anyone heard any news from them after 25th Nov yet? It seems like other part of AM starts their AC or interview already. Meanwhile nothing from Global FI, Currencies and Commodities.


U didnt get any reply from GFICC?