J.P Morgan 2017 Intake - let's connect


This Forum is for anyone who has applied to J.P Morgan 2017.


Applied for the 2017 Graduate Corporate Analyst Program.
The questions asked in my telephone interview were :
Why JP?
Why role?
Why Banking?
Changed the way you spoke to fit the situation/person listening to you.
Financial news.
Why Bournemouth?
What will you do from day 1 to ensure that you do well in the job?
Done beyond duties.
Strengths and weaknesses.
Anticipated a problem.
Further questions on certain experiences from CV.

Invited to the assessment centre in January. I am told that there’ll be two 30 minute competency/situational based interviews with business managers and a group excercise and presentation.


When did you apply if you dont mind sharing, and what date did they say your ac will be on?




Yh still waiting for a response but I applied a while ago recruitment has been very slow this year. I applied for the corporate analyst programme


It’s true, it’s been very slow but evidence from last year showed they had AC in February too.

However, if you applied ages ago maybe you should contact the recruitment team if you can to get an update because I would think by now all applications has been reviewed so it’s only interview and AC left.


I have an AC in the second week of Feb in Bournemouth for a summer internship in tech.
Can anyone help with that?


Got AC for Finance Analyst in London.
I know roughly what it entails

  1. Role play - Talk to a banker about a problem in some financial statement/email etc
    2, Group exercise/ pitch
  2. 2 interviews

Can anyone shed any light on how to approach the role play bit? How to do the analysis, what might come up, how to act etc.?



When did you apply and when did they get back to you? And the role play is about an error in the expected bond sale price and the actual sale price and you have to explain why this happened


Applied mid October, heard back end of Jan.