I've always wanted to visit Newcastle


I’ve always wanted to visit Newcastle.
Newcastle upon Tyne, or simply Newcastle is a port city in the North East of England and without exaggeration the centre of nightlife throughout the UK. Lively and full of diversity, attractive and friendly Newcastle has become a focus of culture, architecture and business. This is evidenced not only by its excellent art galleries and magnificent concert hall, but also by the growing number of restaurants, bars and hotels.
Newcastle is the starting point for excursions along the coast of Northumberland and to the Roman Hadrian’s wall — a fortification built by the ancient Romans to protect against the raids of neighboring tribes. The inhabitants of this region are called “Jordi”, as well as their special dialect.
And finally I grew up and can buy cheap flights from London to Newcastle and visit this city, which I dreamed of since childhood. Where would you like to visit?


I have been driving to Newcastle for a long time. I liked the bars and the promenade. I had a meeting there. There are many interesting places and beautiful cities in England. Our country with a great history. She has something to be proud of and what to tell her children.


Traveling is always beautiful

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