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Hi all,

I am looking for a feedback about the recruitment process of Moody’s ( rating ).

Which kind of technical questions should I expect to have ?



Hello guys!
Does anyone applid for Moody`s?
What should i expect on the interview? what kind of questions/cases?

Thanks in advance!


I have one coming up as well, so any advice/tips would be good!

Thanks :slight_smile:


Hey guys,

Can you please your experience about the Assessment Day.

I got told there will be some test. Can you shed some light on these and what sort of other things you had to do.



Hi moodyboy,

When is your AC? Mine is tomorrow morning. Still can’t find anything on the Internet about Moody’s AC ((


Hey graduate10,

Same here. Mine is tomorrow. Did you find out what sort of tests there will be?


Hey moodyboy,

Sorry I didn’t reply yesterday. Anyway I knew nothing about the tests. Did you attend the AC in the morning? If yes, how did you look like and where are you from, cause I couldn’t juste ask at the AC who moodyboy is ))))))) How did you find the AC?


Hi guys,

Any update on these topics ? am having mine tom and was wondering how it would go.
Would appreciate your feedbacks, thanks vm !!