ITG Interview


Hi there,

Anyone had an interview for sales at ITG? Would like to know what to expect etc, competency/ technical. Nothing much on the internet or their website. Any help appreciated! Thanks!


When did you apply and hear back, if you dont mind me asking? Soz I cant help you!


Applid 3 weeks ago i think. Received an email yesterday asking when i’m available for a phone interview


I imagine it would be mainly a comptency interview, with them testing your commercial knowledge as well, good luck, and let us know how it goes


Hi Guys,
I applied for the Product Management grad programme a few weeks back, had a telephone interview and have an assesment centre next week. I was just wondering if anyone has had an AC with ITG and if so what should I expect.

Any advice is gratefully appreciated!


I have an Assessment centre coming up soon, any advice or tips will be much appreciated.



hey hope, i had an assessment centre the other day at ITG, was a really good experience, had one on one interview, group exercise and presentation as well as an introductory talk from the managing director. what division are you going for??


Hi jbiz

I have an assessment centre coming up with ITG. Would you mind sharing your interview experience and advice me on the type of group exercise and presentation that you were involved in.

Thank you


Guys, can someone please share their experience about ITG’s AC? Particularly interested in Electronic Sales and Trading :slight_smile:



I have an AC with them soon, however they said they would confirm the date by today. Have you received the date?


Hey, mine should be on the 30th of April. When is yours meant to be?


I have not received a date. I shall ring up on Monday. It is a different stream to yours though. Good luck!