IT qualifiaction question (First Post)


Hey this is my first real post so hopefully this is in the right place

I am currently in my second year of studying a BSC Computer and Information Systems degree and am hoping to do a masters in CIS as well.

My question is what other qualifications would help me get noticed in the application stage and advance my IT skills?

Would the fact I have a BETC National diploma in IT put me at a disadvantage over those with a levels?

Thanks for your time


Hello mate,

If your looking to join a graduate scheme, I’d advise you to go straight in with your B.Sc… I’m currently studying an M.Sc., and it’s expensive business. Coupled with the fact that it’s not really a requirement for any graduate schemes, you should be able to land a grad role with some work.

Concentrate on your B.Sc., and get a first. That’ll be better than any other external qualifications you can attain. With a high 2:1 or a first, it’ll go a long way to helping recruiters ignore your BTEC.

BTW I’m not sure how most recruiters see a BTEC, but most schemes only specify a degree level, not UCAS points.


Thanks for the reply Reg. How do you find your Msc? The money isn’t an issue as I have that covered with my loan and grant which I have saved but I will most probably need to do a masters as the university I am studying in isn’t in the university top 100 and will probably result in me being overlooked over graduates in high reputable universities. I think my betec is around 360 UCAS points which should be enough if they ask for them.

Good luck with your masters and thanks once again


BTEC is below Graduate Level (below A Level too) so I don’t think it would help you much

do you have work experience?