Is there still time for 2010 intake? Or is it 2011 from here?


Just wondering are people still applying for 2010 intakes? Or is it time to move to a 2011 intake?

Lots of people are asking for interview help and I wonder are you guys having interviews early for a 2011 start or just very late for 2010 start?



Hey Bill

There is still time. I was scheduled to have a last round interview with PwC in Bristol yesterday (I however accepted a role with Deloitte so withdrew my application), so there are still places to be filled!

However… be prepared for a very fast turnaround… we’re talking a matter of days from first interview to the AC and possible job offer. You may not have the luxury of the exact job role or location as well but there are still opportunities out there if you are flexible

Looking at KPMG…

Still roles to fill there and PwC have some likewise

I have e-mailed one of the graduate recruiters in the South West for PwC and I quote…

“I have checked and our start date for 2010 which is the 13th September and our cut-off for when all offer documentation needs to be back by 27 August. This would give the candidate 20 days for the assessment process which I think can be done. Doing the on line tests as quickly as possible would help.”

You have a week today then realistically get a Big 4 app together

Hope this helps

The Untouchable One