Is there hope?


Just starting to panic really

I’m going through 4th year and just started applying for places

I’ve had a fair few knockbacks, managed to get through to 1 partner interview, failed that.
Waiting to hear back from a few other places, but my Q is this!

Is it easier to get a job once you have a degree? or is it just the same?

I’m starting to worry already


No there’s no hope, in fact you should just start applying to McDonalds for a McCareer serving chips to the proles all day…

Nah, course there’s hope! There’re boundless opportunities out there with a degree under your belt - you don’t have to fall into a career the moment you leave University either - there’s plenty of time for that. Wouldn’t hurt to get a bit of proper life experience, that’s always appreciated by potential employees - Uni offers you only so much, I know that from my own experience having graduated this summer. I’ve only just started applying for grad jobs mostly because I want to go travelling early 2009, and its strange (and maybe sounds a bit pompous of me to say…), but you can kind of tell the people in the interview waiting areas - if they’re students, or if they’ve maybe got a bit more going on up there as well as academic smarts…

A lot of people get really worked up at Uni at the thought of ‘keeping up with the Jones’ ’ because your pals or co-students are getting offers and Firsts and all that - but really, as I said, there’s no rush!

Focus on getting a good grade at Uni for now and don’t get too down if you don’t have anything sorted out for the minute you walk out of Uni!


well said joyrevision, there are definatly several varying qualities that are looked for. Having left uni in 2006, I have now accepted an offer with PwC to start in April, and they seemed to appreciate the different views I could bring to a role having worked and travelled.

However, experience isn’t everything either, and don’t give up yet…as you said you’re still waiting to hear from others. And people do get employed straight from uni.

Just know that if it doesn’t all go to plan this time round its not the end of the world. The companies will be recruiting again soon after you leave uni, and a year off, to get experience in the work place, or volunteer, or travel the world…and as long as you don’t do nothing all year, you’ll have lots more experiences to take with you the next year!

Good luck!


Hi Chris… I wouldn’t worry too much, my opinions on the matter very much echo what others have said.

Personally I’m 23, just graduated, and have only recently started applying myself! And that’s despite taking a gap year and changing courses in my first year of Uni (essentially wasting a year). It certainly hasn’t seemed to have stood against me all that much, I’ve got plenty of interviews set up. Even if all goes pear shaped and I’m unable to secure a role I’m happy with this year, I can just work in another industry for a while and then reapply next year. Not a big problem! I noticed a stat in accountacyage recently which said that PwC’s average age of new graduate trainees is 24 this year…

Console yourself with the fact that many of my friends who went straight from school to Uni to an ACA contract regret it immensely haha.


That’s good to hear guys, I really would like to go travelling actually, but at same time I have no idea how I would finance it lol

Would love to go to Italy or something for a while, just got this feeling like I HAVE to get a job, suppose it is a bit stupid to be so worried


definitely there is plenty of hope! of course, mass media probably achieved its goal to make millions of graduates miserable and make believe that this is the end of the world. It might actually get worse, and it probably will, but think on the bright side - after you have experienced this recession, when the good times come you will be head and shoulders among those who haven’t. Well, ok, maybe not exactly like that, but it will definitely help in terms of coping with serious things in life. Artificially mild conditions created at the Uni completely isolates students who haven’t experienced difficulties in real life, imo. There are still plenty of jobs in the market for highly-skilled people, so you shouldn’t worry yourself and worry others, Chris :slight_smile:

as to travelling, yeah, it would be so amazing to spend the first part of 2009 travelling, but i cant think of ways to get finances too. Maybe it would be possible to ask for a loan from your employer, i wonder would they agree to give like 2-3k before you actually start working.


Assuming I get hired by an accountacy firm in the near future, I’m definately planning on spending much of 2009 travelling. With regards to finances, I’m aware that some of larger firms offer interest free loans (although I’m not sure whether this is allowed before you actually start work, but I’d imagine so…).

If that doesn’t work, then you could always fund your travels by teaching English as you go. I did this for a number of months in my gap year… Incidently, employers seem to LOVE talking about it at interviews, and I have every intention of using the experience in my competency based interview tomorrow!