Is there anything worse than the wait after finishing an AC?!


Had my partner interview with KPMG yesterday morning - was obviously hoping I’d know ASAP but not heard anything yet! I know it can take anything from 3 hours to 3 days… can’t think of anything else right now though!


tell me about it, its like your life gets put on hold! good luck!


Yup it’s ridiculous. I had PwC AC last Wednesday, and still haven’t heard. Which makes me pretty certain it’s a no, but just tell me for heavens sake!! Put me out of my hopeful misery :frowning:


Not sure if I’d be able to wait that long bmoo! Its not even two days now since mine and I’m already desperate to phone them up!

Patience… patience…


Ha well I’m gonna ring tomorrow if I don’t hear. They said within 5 working days, but the other girl said they should be in touch by the end of the week if it was a yes. So like I say, pretty much certain it’s a no, even so, I want the feedback at least!


joy, which office did u apply?


Ah well they just rang! So maybe posting on here was an omen. Didn’t get through, on exactly what I predicted so no surprises really and not too bummed about it. It was my first ever AC and she was very positive and said I only missed out on commercial awareness, so can’t complain really, especially as my only preparation was to half read the FT on the train to the AC!


Took a candidate out to lunch very recently. By late afternoon I had a meeting with the interviewers. Unfortunately they weren’t going to extend an offer. They all conceded the candidate was bright but they weren’t sure how committed they would be to the work and they had failed a competency. The partner actually mentioned they could afford to be more picky now they were seeing an increase in the number of applications (presumably because many financial institutions have frozen hiring).


sorry to hear that bmoo, but i am sure that was a great experience and you’ll be fine in the next AC! You know, sometimes it doesn’t even depend on how good you really are. And Loquitur, very interesting to hear what is actually going on from the inside after the AC. Thanks for sharing.


Oh unlucky bmoo!

Still nothing on my end, its barely been 48 hours now I know but as every hour passes it feels like its slipping away more and more…! I’ll leave it till Friday, if I still haven’t heard anything by then then I’ll give them a call - is there anything that I could say to draw an answer out of them, like I’ve got another offer waiting or something?


It is one of the longest and most nerve wrecking waits. To be fair though I got to the final stage for PwC and Ernst and Young and they both got back to me within two days which I was quite impressed with. Also one was a negative outcome and one was positive, so whatever the outcome I do think they must try and get back to you as quickly as possible.


They got back to me this morning - got the job!

Massive thanks to Wikijob for all the priceless help over the past few weeks/months - this place is a goldmine!!

does a dance


congratulations joyrevision!

which office/service line are you going to be in?

great feeling after the phonecall ain’t it. like a massive weight vanishing from your shoulders


Cheers Dave - tax in Edinburgh for me!

Its mental that phone call, and what’s worse is that I’m in work all day with a big dopey grin on my face…!


Ah I have mate who is working tax in edinburgh.

I got my phonecall an hour or so after the AC to say I had the job. So with nothing else to do i got pretty drunk to celebrate :smiley:


joyrevision - How many job offers have you been given lol??? everytime i look on here, i see someone offering you a job, unless im mistaken!!!

Whats worse…I had a Bad Stomach ache once during AC and hardly kept a steady pace. This was 2 years ago though, but i got the job. well ill be applying to pwc soon, very soon!!!