Is there any disadvantages for more than 5 years' working experiences?


I already have 5 years’ working experiences before i started my master program. And now i am required to do an internship to get more credits. But I I discussed with several friends who are doing the same thing as me noe. We all received many reject responses. So I just wondering if most of the HRs would not like to hire an experienced person to do the internship? Could someone give me some advice or reasons? Thank you.


Could well be, but we CANNOT generalise.

What’s your experience, if you are changing direction in career you are gonna have to explain that in detail and convince them…


I don’t think it is a disadvantage - from your work experience you should have more examples of competencies

and the fact that people get into grad programs in big4 etc. years after they graduate shows they do value older people aswell


mmmmh i dont know, i got rejected from a graduate programme because i was too old and have more than 1 yr post graduate work…

sometimes i dont know what these graduate recruiters want. do they want a professional or some snotty nosed clueless child?

it really depends on luck sometimes… just apply anyway and then call up the recruiter to make a good impression and demonstrate your hunger for the job. thats how they will remember your name!


The possible disadvantages are lack of career focus (why you didn’t want to work in the field you are applying to before) and the fact that many internships are designated for young people without (or with very little) work experience, because they are untouched (unwarped) by any company’s culture/methods and thus accomodate and learn faster. These might be pretty substantial reasons, but except of them I don’t see any.