Is the ACCA or ACA relevant to work in financial position in UK?



I have a question about working in UK (London), in FINANCE.
I passed my bachelor degree in France and i’m looking for getting the ACCA Papers.
Is it really important or not for me to get this qualification to work in Uk? I’ve been working
For 3years as Financial personal advisor for BNP.
Thank you.


Hi there,

Your question depends on what role you are looking to go for in finance! Any accounting role in a large company (and lots of small ones), you are going to need the ACCA or equivalent.
However, in a lot of finance advisory roles for companies you don’t require an ACA, but they might look for the CFA.
There are also roles that would only require experience in the relevant field and so you wouldn’t need any at all.

I would recommend that you decide on what role you want to be in and go from there!

Good luck!


Firstly you clear which postion you want in company. Then ACCA & ACA , you choose ACCA for worldwide work.ACCA provide many platform to you in accounting and auditing field.