Is Manchester Business School a target school for top consulting firms like Mckinsey and Bain


I get an offer from Manchester Business School and my career goal is consulting. Does anyone whether it is a target school for consulting firms like Mckinsey and Bain?


Can anyone help me ? Thank you very much!!


You should ask Manchester Uni’s career centre to see where graduates from your course go on to work. Any decent career centre should have this data.


The truth is, unless you’re joining as an experienced hire, the uni you attend makes absolutely no difference once your application is accepted. You only get to discuss your experiences and academic background in a one-to-one interview which comes after the many hurdles in the graduate recruitment process (online psychometric tests; group assessment centres; etc.) You’ll often find people from non-business degrees sailing through the process while others with a sound business background not making it through!

So just pick the university offering the modules you’re most interested in.


Manchester Business School definitely has a solid reputation among companies and recruiters. The Career Management Service within the School provides a tailored careers offering to our Full-time MBA students. It is staffed by dedicated Advisors with years of recruitment experience. Coupled with their sector specific knowledge, this ensures they are able to help you streamline your selection process, whether for short-term project work or full-time positions. A recent recruiters guide of theirs showed that post-MBA 13% of their graduates were employed in the consulting industry.



Dont know if its a little too late, but generally from experience, most candidates in interviews tend to be from Oxbridge, Imperial, LSE and Warwick. There sometimes happen to be people from Exeter, Manchester and other universities, but thats a minority. If you can still choose I would go for one of the top 5 as yes, once you are in an interview it doesnt matter, but you are so much more likely to just get an interview in the first place!