Is it really a case of Big 4 or nothing?



I have an offer from a non-accounting company for a 3 year ACA training contract.
I recently spoke to some qualified accountants and people who have been in the industry for a while and they told me there’s no point of doing an ACA outside the Big 4, as the only way I’ll get good jobs post-qualification is if I do my qualification at a Big 4.

Does anybody know if there’s any truth to this? And if so, just how much of a difference training at a Big 4 vs not makes to the rest of your career?





hi, I am contemplating this as well. I had a similar offer when I graduated an turned it down. 11 months later, still applying for big4 schemes. It is tiring and sometimes I wish I could take it back but Im not sure if i will be happy if i am not in the big 4