Is it possible to move to London from regional office in Big 4?


Hi guys, just want to say thanks to everyone who posts on wikijob for all their amazing help. I was lucky enough to receive an offer for Audit 2010 at KPMG in Birmingham which I’m delighted about. However, I just wondered if it has ever been heard of to be able to move my start date forward, as theyre still taking on people for 2009 Audit, or move to the London office during the first 3 years? I really really like the company but due to personal circumstances (ie being in a long term long distance relationship lol) I would like to be able to move to London at some point, should have applied there instead really shouldn’t I, doh!
PS. Am going to write up my experiences too so if anyone wants to know anything just shout.


Thanks, have called them and theyre getting back to me tomorrow so fingers crossed!


They generally don’t like you moving. Once you’re a year or two in to your contract and they’ve already sunk a financial investment into you, however… they might want to keep you, and let you.

As for the start date - just ring up and ask.


I would say that if they have plenty of time to replace you as a graduate then they would no problem with this they would also need to ensure that they have the capacity to take you on in the new office that you have applied.

Good Luck