Is it possible to have an intership once you have already finished your Bachelor?


Hi. I´m finishing my degree this student year( May 2011) and looking to go into IB. I didn´t do any summer intership before, so i´m asking if the allow people who has finished his bachelor to take Summer interships. anybody knows¿



Hi there guillermo,

I have just recently graduated and is wondering about that too. I’ve done an “internship” which was unpaid and in a very small firm, so I have my doubts about applying for graduate roles at the bulge brackets and other smaller banks as well.

But here’s what I know. I know someone who managed to get an internship in his final year at university, but I also knew that he told the company he was applying for that he’s considering a masters (although at that time I believe he neither applied for any master’s programme nor hold an offer). However, this person was particularly good at ocntacting the right people/networking, so I guess that’s probably how he got through.

I’m applying for graduate roles now, and in my opinion, you’re in a better position than me as you’re still in uni at the moment, so why not apply for graduate roles as well? I know that for roles such as trading and IBD, banks prefer to recruit interns from the previous years into their graduate roles. So perhaps try middle/back office and work your way up? Although I’m myself quite skeptical about such transition…
All the best anyhow! Share with us how you get along!