Is it possible to complain about a company's recruitment process?


Have recently applied for an analyst role with a big well-reputed company. They sent me a bunch of online assessment SHL tests to do.Upon launching the 1st test, I discovered the test questions were cut off on the right-hand side, so basically i could not read some of the questions in the Numerical test. ( think it happened bcos the display of my newly-bought Dell laptop failed to adjust to whatever the tech requirements of the test were).

I have taken a couple of screenshots while doing the test as evidence that the crucial numbers for the calculations of this test could not be read off. I have contacted the company asking them to re-set the online assessment for me or to sit the tests at their office. (naturally, I was hoping to do this and other tests after my screen resolution problem was fixed). The hr person in charge of this vacancy replied they could not re-set the test while advising me to proceed with the other tests in the assessment. I did as advised, scoring very high (86% percentile) on the other tests while (presumably)low on the first test (i was able to fix my screen resolution by then). The hr person did not get back to me regarding the outcome of my tests, despite my numerous attempts to contact her by phone and email.

As a result, I feel being treated unfairly by this company. Their selection process does not seem to provide equal opportunities if you happen to have a wrong computer specs/software. So basically, they have discriminated me on the basis of having a wrong computer.

On another occasion, I sucessfully passed the three tests to be told the same week the vacancy has been closed so they cannot interview me anymore. I still remember they asked me to pass all these tests on the same day which resulted in me having a severe headache.

Can i do something about it? Is there a way to complain that they did not offer me a chance for employment because of my computer?

There are so many people like me banging their head against the thick corporate wall i.e.trying to hop thru so many hurdles to get that dream job. Employers, on the other hand, do not seem to care in the slightest that we are wasting our precious time on their multi-stage selection processes. HR seem to rule while we applicants do not have many rights at all…

I am very interested in your comments.