Is it ok for interviewer not to participate and ignore you in a interview?



Hello, I just had a interview for a customer service trainer position.The interview consisted of a 20min presentation on objective handling, then a interview. In the briefing before it said you need to ask questions and they will ask question during the presentation. So I did a detailed presentation on what, who, why and when and asked question to insterviewer which she did not answer. she did not participate at all. When I asked her a question she didn’t say a word. I thought she may be taking on a character of a person who doesn’t understand objective handling Or perhaps a employee who lacked confidence or is very quiet but even so if a employee was struggling I would expect them not to completely ignore me not acknowledge my question I would expect then just to say “i don’t know” so I spent longer explaining throughout the presentation. Also right at the end the sun came through the window and she abruptly said I can tell see the screen so I had to get the mechanical blinds to come down which took a while then I started to continue I was half was through a sentence when she said you have 2 minutes left!! I hadn’t got through all I wanted or needed to as I spent so much time trying to get a response from her and she didn’t take out the time for the blinds. I feel it was really unfair and just like she took an insist dislike to me and didn’t want to hear or participate. I feel I definetly won’t get the job and I Just wondered if this is how a interviewer should behave, if this is normal?
Thank you