is it me or is there no jobs going?


seriously is it me or is there literally no graduate/entry level jobs going specifically in London?


There are. Where are you looking? There’s stuff around you just have to look, e.g. I just applied for this -


A lot less jobs are available now it seems and when you look at the number of people who apply for each job on sites like Reed it is scary

some jobs which 3 years ago wouldn’t be considered very good have hundreds of applications


It’s pretty much all across the board - I know a ridiculous number of people who’ve been made redundant, have narrowly escaped redundancy, are struggling for business or are struggling to find jobs.

From graduates in top professions like civil engineering and law, to previously successful self-employed business types like my dad and stepmum, all the way through to “unskilled” retail workers like a couple of my housemates, it seems like the number of jobs going is shrinking hugely - whatever section of society you find yourself in.



I know it can feel like that some days : ( And the headlines about the number of graduates going for every graduate job could make a grown man weep!

However - and somewhat bizarrely! - I keep hearing from recruiters that there ARE graduate jobs out there - and that they are surprised by how few applicants they’re getting… (See this: “If there are 'no graduate vacancies, why can’t I fill mine?”

I’m not sure exactly what’s going on, but my theory is that graduates aren’t casting their net wide enough - in other words lots of graduates are applying to the same, widely-advertised jobs.

There are all sorts of jobs available - including with smaller companies (SMEs) - so although grad schemes can be a fantastic start to your career, they are not your only option. Amazing but true, did you know that SMEs make up 99.% of the UK’s 4.8billion private sector enterprises - and they employ six in 10 private sector employees?

It’s worth keeping an eye on SMEs as well as the big graduate schemes - some experts predict that they will be the first to start expanding once the economy picks up. Stephen Alambritis from the Federation of Small Businesses said recently: “Small firms are always the first to start taking on staff after a recession. If they get a new contract they need more people immediately.”

If you feel like 'there are no job’s then I suggest you look at broaden your methods of job-seeking. In particularly, you’ll find this article on How to Find Vacancies useful:

Happy hunting!

Tanya de Grunwald