Is it bad if i couldn't make a partner interview due to having a first round one already booked


Sorry, to bother you guys, just a quick question

i did an assessment center for a company and got through to the final round of interviews,

they rang me to say if i could make a partner interview on the 4th but I already have an interview that day with another company,

is it bad that I said i couldn’t make the partner interview on that day? or would I have been expected to cancel my current interview in order to make way for the partner one

Doh, i think i just made the wrong decision I dunno :S


oh no, just tell them you have an interview booked from before on that day. i’m sure they’ll rearrange! they do expect candidates to have other interviews and apply elsewhere!!


Oh yes, just tell them you have other plans for the day and ask them for an alternative date. They are well aware that your life doesnt revolve around them (…not yet anyway) and you dont even have to tell them that you have another interview booked for the same day. My advise though is that (where possible) try to agree the new rescheduled date before putting down the phone. It’ll give you that re-assurance that you need.


hmm okay thanks guys, they said they’ll tell me by thursday of the next interview, hope they don’t fill up by then! haha


…you joke, but that happened to me. I couldn’t make an interview and then it turned out that was the last day for interviews as it filled up. I was moved to a different start date though!