Is going to a 'sink school' a valid extenuating circumstance for poorish grades?



I am just this minute about to submit an application form to PwC for a grad position in auditing. In the secondary education section of the form they have a bit for addional information and I am just wondering whether to mention my lack of a proper education in it(poor old hard-done by me 'ey). I actually do meet the academic requirements but I’m at the lower end of the scale and don’t really feel it reflects my capabilities due to how well I am doing in my degree.

The thing is I don’t want to sound like I’m giving a sob story as I’m sure a whinging grad student would wind up a future employer as much as it would me, but I also don’t want my application to be instantly discarded.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


if you meet the minimum requirements, then i wouldn’t have thought there was any need to disclose more info.


Cheers for that noob, so you reckon that if I meet the requirements they’ll weigh up my application form as they would any other, even ones with better A-level grades? I think I’m probably gonna leave it blank then. At least then I’ll be rejected for being stupid rather than a kn*bcake.


Whats a sink school?


If you meet the requirements for A levels that’s all they will care about them. Your degree score says a lot more about you than your A-level results.