Is audit fun?


At the moment I am torn between applying for tax or audit. With tax I know what to expect, however I seem to keep hearing doom and gloom stories about the repetitiveness and boredom in audit. Is it really that bad? Is that what drives people to leave audit as soon as they qualify? If it’s so bad, why do people go into audit?
Input from people that have worked in audit, or know someone that has would be very very helpful.


Yes it can be that bad, usually people leave for more pay and better hours in industry, they go into it because 1) it has the most vacancies 2) it gives a wide range of skills and exposure

as someone once said accountancy is not fun, but it provides the £ for you to be able to have fun outside of work


GradJobHunter is pretty spot on.

Accountancy is about as fun as a double GCSE maths lesson that lasts for the rest of your life. But then no one ever become an accountant for the fun



Hm, yeah I know audit isn’t generally thought of fun, I was just wondering if there were any times when someone had a really ‘fun’ audit, or thought ‘wow I really love my job!’


They probably think they love their job on payday!


To be fair, audit is about as interesting as you find it. You will go on jobs that are mind numbingly boring, but every now and again you might get the odd job you find really interesting. I know a few guys who have audited football clubs - which surely has to be quite appealing, even if you are just trying to assess if the payroll figure for the year is accurate?!

As GradJobHunter says, the bredth of experience you get in audit is huge, and prepares you well for a career in business. Don’t forget that many many company directors are qualified accountants - not just the FDs!