Is all hope lost??


I failed KPMG’s online test, mainly because i panicked. Was not even invited to do any online test by Deloitte and Enerst and Young as i was simply rejected at the application stage. I feel completely gutted! Which other firm can i apply to? I can only reapply to KPMG after 12months!!! This sucks! Any advice anyone???


[[PwC]]? [[Grant Thornton]]? [[BDO Stoy Hayward]]? …look at the [[list of accounting firms]] - you have plenty of options!


Am working on my Pwc application and am still to hear from BDO. Thing is I have to maximise on my options because i require a work permit so the options are not that plenty for me if you know what i mean. Thankx again Redsuperted, will not give up…


check out local small accountancy firms in your area. You know what to do now…Cheers


Don’t worry, I have the same case as yours. As the above opinions, you have lots of opinions.



Not if you’re applying to Lehman’s…


Thankx for the encouragement guys…

I appreciate.


Use a different email address and apply again. After all, you have nothing to loose.


I will definately do that, this time i have to pass the online test… MANY THANKX


Remember to use the WikiJob [[verbal reasoning]] and [[numerical reasoning]] tests to practice!


No don’t loose hope! Theres loads to apply to. Advice google uk top 50 accounting firms and literally apply to all or most of them. But remember you need to practice your online testing and remember you did experience a very hard online test!


Hey, Chrims and Blessedlo, u suggested using a different mail address if failed during the application process, but what if the recruiter finds the background info is the same? Will it work and how?



Personally, I wouldn’t advise doing that… if you get caught out during the middle of the selection procedure you’re gonna feel gutted.

Ever thought not passing the online test means it just wasn’t meant to be… and that you’re maybe better suited elsewhere… just a thought :slight_smile: