Is a small cap dealer just a glorified salesman?



I have obtained an upper 2:1 in Accounting and Finance at a middle ranked university with decent A levels

For the last year I have been currently working at a small cap firm with specialises solely in AIM market investments dealing only with retail clients.

During this time i have proven my worth brining in £1.8m revenues as a trainee. I have also made £10k this year alone trading on my own account with AIM stocks.

However i feel i have learnt everything there is within this role and i am still a trainee, i feel there is no progression to learn about the markets and other products as this organisation only deals with AIM stocks. Although they have increased my salary by 50% this year alone there is the possibility to achieve a higher basic salary (max 65k) with added bonuses but this is dependant on the organisation taking on new clients, which they have no intention to at this stage.

My question is the following due to FSA regulations i am required to take the Private Client Investment Advice & Management PCIAM exam, a level 6 qualification which will allow me to continue to give advice to clients and basically KEEP MY JOB. This is required for all dealers.

I however am looking to complete the CFA qualification also for the reasons of enhancing my CV and to study a qualification which has some meaning in the market. ( Not many know about the PCIAM - Therefore am i wasting my time with this and this role?)

I am however unsure which line of work i truly want to develop a career within, i always felt this role would form a stepping stone in the industry saying that i have an interest in sales and trading and am curious to learn about other financial products.

Could anyone shed some light on the qualifications i’m opting to take and your view of my situation

Thanks for reading this any fedback would be welcome…



In my oppinion CFA quals dont really add much to a CV rather than show your interest, if I was in your position I’d stick with the job for a few more years, gather some savings and start trading my own account full time as it sounds like you have some skill trading.