Investment Technology Group (ITG)



I am having a telephone interview with ITG for their summer internship. Does anyone have any experience in their telephone interview? What kind of questions do they normally ask?

Anyone has any experience in their interview or AC as well?

Thanks a lot.


I was scheduled to have a phone interview with ITG for their summer internship as well. I was informed of this last week, only to have received an email this afternoon that there was a misunderstanding. Apparently the recruitment team ‘accidentally’ invited me for a phone interview while in fact i have actually ‘failed’ the CV screening process.

It was extremely unprofessional of ITG Recruitment. Especially at this time of the year where students like you and I are on tenterhooks, awaiting for positive replies from firms on placements and internships. In lieu of an ‘interview’ coming up, I’ve taken the liberty to research and prepare for this interview despite of other interviews and final exams looming large. It’s simply unacceptable and cruel to subject me (and other applicants, if any) to such ‘emotional roller coaster’ if you may.

Good luck to you.


Hello how did your interview go? What type of questions did they ask? I am thinking of applying and any help would be much appreciated.

Thank you very much



I have just finished doing an internship with ITG and have had a great time! The company culture is probably one of the first things I noticed when I came for my interview. Everyone is so down to earth and approahable. After the interview I was really hoping I would get through and delighted when I got the call.

The internship programme has been great and I have met and worked with some amazing people. From the start I was given a lot responsibility and I have gained lots of experience. I was also very lucky to be able to fly over to Dublin and visit ITG’s office there, which I am sure you will agree doesn’t happen on many intern schemes.

All in all I am very thankful to ITG for giving me the opportunity to be part of the company this summer and although it is a shame you (Cheer18) had a bad experience I would say it is definitely not a fair representation of the company - my experience with the Recruitment team has been fantastic and I am sure the other ITG Interns from this summer would agree.



I have an Assessment day coming up for ITG management services. Can anyone please share experience, what to expect any tips / advice.