Investment Banking Recruitment Companies


Does anyone know which recruitment companies are best for permanent and temporary jobs for graduates in IB?


fresh minds, maloney search, cornell partnerships are your best bet…although prolly more permanent roles.


Joslin Rowe, Badenoch & Clarke and Robert Walthers are good. Not graduate recruiters, but you can probably find a temporary entry-level role with them. I know 5-6 people who have taken this route, all in back/middle office, and have now become permanent - one has even managed to make the switch from ops to trading.


You could try Benedix - it’s a small firm we (WikiJob) have met with before, who seem to be good.


Thanks for your help. Some look great. I’ve sent my CV to a few of the ones which looked particularly useful. Any others would be great, I’m sure other people will find this helpful as well.


I’ve sent my CV to Benedix for almost 2 weeks now, but still no reply from them. They said that they are going to contact me in a ‘few days’ after the submission of my CV.


What is your CV like - it may be it’s just not what they’re looking for. They should have got back to you, but I expect they are very overwhelmed right now with all the bankers from Lehmans, etc!