Investment Banking Graduate Schemes


Are there any Investment Banks still accepting graduate applications?


Apparently some are. Another IB has just made redundant all it’s graduates before they even started, and gave them £30k each as a pay off (not bad, eh?)

The credit cruch situation in most IBs is very serious, and more serious than the media has made out (for once). Consequently I wouldn’t expect all firms to be recruiting, but I’m sure a quick telephone call to each you are interested in might be insightful.

Have any IBs said yes/no to you already?


I haven’t applied to any IBs yet. I have had offers but just didn’t bother applying to the IBs. I just figured I might as well try to now so at least I know I have explored all my options before starting a new job.


It’s a bit of a risky area right now. I have heard [[Lehman Brothers]] have put a freeze on graduate recruitment, and I’m pretty sure most of their competitors will be taking on fewer graduates this year than last - if any at all…


If you haven’t applied to IB’s, what industry are you working in?