Investment Banking after ACA?


If a person with ACA qualification wants to go into IB. Will he/she starts from analyst level or associates? If you have a MBA you will start from associates am I right?


you can apply for a third year analyst/first yr associate with an ACA. It is still very difficult to get into IB with this additional qualification and it is not a backdoor into the highly competitive industry. You still need to have a good degree from a top university, you require first time passes in all exams and need to have worked at big 4 accountancy firm.


I believe you can choose whether to apply for an [[analyst]] or [[associate]] role. I think postgraduates can, at some banks, go straight up to associate, but this is by no means the norm. Rumour does have it that you really do need first time passes on the [[ACA]]- don’t know how much truth there is in this, as dunesh said, it is highly competitive.


So, would someone with an ACA at the very least have a good opportunity to apply for graduate level IB roles?


Oh definately. You would be over qualified and under paid. You could probably apply for an experienced position in the firm. Furthermore, some have programmes specifically for postgraduates which you might qualify for as well.

To be honest, if you’ve already got an [[ACA]] you are made and have nothing to worry about.