Investment Bank Internship experience


Hi all,

I have recently graduated with a 2.1 from a top university and have 3 A’s at A-level.

For the past 6 years whilst studying I have been training to try and reach the Beijing Olympics and have international representation and have raced for professional teams in my sport. On not making the games I really want to get into IBs, however, due to external commitments I have never managed to get any work experience and do not have a financial based degree.

Does anyone know if any of the large IB’s offer internships, or experience placements at other times to the number summer ones? What are the chances of contacting HR and getting 2 weeks pro bono to get a foot in the door as I know how important this is, especially in the current economic climate?

Would be greatfull for any advice,

Many thanks


I think it is a longshot- they have well defined programmes that are normally for undergraduates- as a graduate you would not be able to apply. However, if you have a 2.1 and strong A-levels, you are in a great position to apply. Former work experience is not necessary, just nice to have. Banks love to hire athletes as they are very disciplined and make great team players.

What happened with the Olympics- what sport was it? Sorry to hear you didn’t make it! I’m still reeling from watching Beth Tweddle miss out on a medal on the bars by just 0.25 of a point- she was so good!


i think you’ve got a good chance actually, why not apply for a full time grad position? you don’t need a finance related background at all! work experience, while not required is always nice to have, but you’d have a lot to write on your application about your sport. so go for it!


One thing is for sure - prospective employers will love your olympic connection. Be prepared for all types of question about training/ how it felt to miss the olympics/ etc, etc, whatever job you interview for.