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hi i am new here, one of my friends suggested me to see this site. As he told me it is a really great stuff. I want to find an answer to my question. I am an international student in london. I came to london two years ago to study but dropped the college as it was not what i want. then did not go back but wanted to have work experience. so i did some work for almost two years. it was a really helpful experience and it boosted my confidence. It was a customer facing job. surely my teamwork and communication skills are improved a lot. recently i have been admitted to a postgrad course at a london uni, and i think i will study this time as it is what i want. I want to apply for PWC grad scheme this year for sept 2009 start. i really want to do so as i have already spent almost two years planning this and studying on my own after work at home or at libraries doing my off’s. I have an undergrad degree from my home country.

My question is, If I apply to PWC and say that i worked in london but was on a student visa and later i did masters, will they accept me to the training scheme? In fact i did not want to study at a college so i left it and wanted only university education in london. but for that i had to improve my people skills so that i could manage the study workload. I did work and am now ready for further education.

i am sure they will certainly ask me about my time in london until i started my postgrad studies. what would be the best answer? I have some responses but your comments are welcome. As I can see chrism and some other guys are really welcoming. please help me with this. thanks


Hello, welcome to WikiJob. Please tell your friends about us too :slight_smile:

You’re right - Chrism will certainly be able to add some useful advice to this! …personally, I expect PWC will be interested in you if you get a good quality masters degree. There’s nothing wrong with working in a customer facing job, if you explain you did this to improve people skills, your language (if it is your second), and to enable you to study.

Really I think the “best” answer you can give is to just tell the truth. I don’t think you have anything to hide - you want to work at PWC, you’re getting a Masters and you’ve been working in other jobs for various very understandable and necessary reasons. PWC hire people who have had time out, and they like older hires for graduate jobs as they tend to work harder. Big four firms also like foreign applicants as it seems they work a lot harder than the English!

I think you should concentrate on writing a really good application. You have nothing to hide in your circumstances.

Good luck!


I agree- you have no problem with applying. [[PwC]] thrive on international students and diversity, so you are in a good position. The visa is not a problem. Make sure that you improve your English writing skills though- near perfect English is a must for working in the city, as you will be placed in front of their clients.

Hope this helps!