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Has anyone ever attended an interview with Fidessa Group? I have received a call for a developer position(C, C++) and they said that I would have to do a test and attend a HR interview. They dont tell me what that test would comprise, but only that it would be based on my CV. Not sure what it would be. Hence, any help/guidance would be appreciated.
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I would also like to know about this test, I have been told the same. If anyone has attended this interview and would like share this experience, please let us know. Many thanks



Your CV is discussed at the HR interview, along with some basic questions around why you have applied for the role and general career aspirations. The written assessment comprises of technical competency based questions around your C++ skills and is 60 minutes long. The questions are designed to challenge and gauge your systems knowledge along with assessing your problem solving ability. Once you have completed the assessment it is graded by the Hiring Manager. If you pass you will then have a face to face interview which comprises of technical competency and soft skill based questions. There is no 2nd interview and a decision is made promptly to advise you if Fidessa is offering you a position/career within the group.


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Hi, Thanks very much for your reply. That was very helpful. One more thing if you could answer - is the C++ test multiple choice?


Hi Garow,
Have you already had an interview with Fidessa? If so, please could you share your experience. Thanks very much.



If anyone has attended the interview can you please share your experience. And is the written test multiple choice or programming test??



ps1279, prhotosho and Gary (and anyone else who has been for the interview),

How was the programming test and how did the interview go? I have one next week. I would appreciate any feedback.

Also, has anyone done the test that is general, not in a specific langauge but it meant to test programming skills?


Can anyone help please?



My Interview is next week… Even i am waiting for inputs from ppl…




My Interview is next week… Even i am waiting for inputs from ppl…



Fidessa uses the same test in all of the UK for developer type positions so if you have an interview, its your lucky day… heres your free pass

interview is in 3 parts

  1. HR a walk through your cv with generall questions here and there on why you want to join etc 30 - 40 min
  2. Tech test in c++/c# or what ever language. the test is the same for all languages and is mainly reasoning and data structures. 10 questions 50min not multiple choice
    3)Interview with recruiting manager about 45min generall techie questions on what you’ve done and how you might fit into the team. when talking about your experiance always say “I did this…”, “I decided…” and explain what the result of your action/decision was avoid say “We did…” or “We decided”
    More specifically Tech test questions.
    tech test pass mark is 30/50 (ten questions) theres two questions each worth 20points so I’d do these first.

Questions I can remember

Access modifiers and what they do (public, private, protected, internal and internal protected)
look at converting floating doubles to floating and visa versa and the effects e.g whats the out put of
floating price = 7.5; double vat_price = price; console.write price;

Look at structures vs Interfaces differences
look at inheritance (virtual, overide etc)

Worth 20 points - Look at dictinaries - theres a question alon the lines - write a procedure where u are compiling a list, you dont know how many items need to be in the list (this is a reference to dynamic arrays) therefore study ArrayLists()

write code for an sql command transaction i.e (you can look this up)

worth 20 marks - write a procedure (not just a lookup) that accepts a string roman numeral (1 to 20) and returns its binary interger value. basic logic is you analys each character of the input Roman Numeral (RM) if the value of the previous character then subtract it frm the value of the current character, if greater or equal to, then add it see my answer:

        int intReturnVal = 0;
        int intVal = 0;
        int PrevVal=0;

        foreach (char chr in strRomNum)
            switch (chr)
            { case 'I':
                    intVal = 1;
                case 'V':
                    intVal = 5;
                case 'X':
                    intVal = 10;
                    intVal = 0;

            intVal = Romans.BinValue(chr.ToString());
            if (intVal > PrevVal){intReturnVal += (intVal - (PrevVal*2));}
            else {intReturnVal += intVal;}

            PrevVal = intVal;
        return intReturnVal;

GoodLuck and let me know how you all get on


what date is ur interview


Did you get an offer. How much time would they take normally to inform you of their decision after the face to face interview.


cool stuff on this thread, very useful


can some please let me know what type of question they will ask in Online Reasoning Test.

any help will be appreciated.



Hi All,
Does anybody know how much time Fidessa take to give the final verdict (positive or negative) after the face to face interview?

Thank you.


can u please share your experience of face to face interview and any online test u gave.




I have an interview with Fidessa for C++ Position,I am cleared with Logical reasoning test.i will be having c++ technical test

please guide me with your views etc


Hello I had a Fidessa interview, I just wanted to give some advice. So here it goes

  1. Interview with some senior person, general interview questions

2.Linux command explain what they do

3.SQL write a query

4.A scenario question concerning servers, what would you do?

If you can master all four of these, i think you should have no problem clearing the first round of the interview.

PS. I love wiki jobs I would encourage people who read this post to sign up and contribute your advice. Co’mon guys were all in this together!