I have my interview for summer vacation and I am abit nervous would any one help me by providing interview skills.



Hi there,

I remember how nervous I used to get before these! Luckily it’s all worth while when you get your TC. The best tip–and probably the most cliched–is to remember that no matter how much you prepare, there will be always be the one unexpected question. The biggest tip is to remain cool under the pressure. It is always better to pause for a brief period rather than just blurt out anything because you don’t have an answer!

If you are applying to a City firm the buzzword of the era is commercial awareness. Everyone has their own way of becoming commercially aware, but my personal favourite is to read ‘Peston’s Picks’. Robert Peston is the BBC’s business editor who writes a blog about the most important commercial issues of the day/week etc. The Financial Times is great, but if you want to understand the City in bitesize form, ‘Peston’s Picks’ is better. I’d also recommend that you read his guide to the origins of the credit crunch, which you can find on his blog. The origins of the recession are not such a hot topic in interviews in 2011, but to really understand the questions which you are likely to be asked it is important to have a thorough grounding on the origins of the crunch.


Thanks for reply. It is really good advice