Interview with RBS


Can anyone give me some interview tips? I have a face to face interview at RBS for a data migration project…



Did you have a look at the [ RBS] pages on WikiJob?

Don’t forget the obvious:
*Why do you want to work for [ RBS]?


I have not looked at the RBS pages on WikiJob yet. I thought RBS is a good bank to work for but then, I might be wrong.



It’s as good as any. Check out the WikiJob pages first. Then check out our articles on [[competency based questions]] and [[competency based interview|competency interviews]] as these kind of questions will almost certainly come up. Also think about the credit crunch and current state of the banking industry as this is major news that is highly topical and you will probably be asked your opinion on it. Good luck - keep us posted on what happens! We like to hear everything that happens to you!!