Interview with Barclays next week, please help


I have an internview with Barclays. It is for access management and IT auditing in support services in London. One is structured interview and other is business line interview. I was wondering what kind of questions they ask for experienced hires? They found my CV on one of the jobsites. Is there anything i should be ready for? like a test or something, though they have not told me anything apart from these interviews. They have asked to fill the forms for background checking and bring with me to the interview, is it normal a process for Barclays interviews? I have heard that normally they ask you for the details if succeed. Thank you


hey sorry i have no idea about the interviews. but am assuming it will be around what you have done in your previous jobs, skills gained and also you competencies. so sounds definitely like a competency and technical based interview. hope this helps.

do you mind if i ask what jobsite did you register your cv. i am looking a job too and would be nice to be found as well!! :slight_smile: