Interview Tips


Here are my five (general) tips for successful answers:

VOCAL ENERGY: Don’t speak ‘over the phrase and down’ ; keep the energy of your voice sustained throughout your answer.
SUBSTANCE: Don’t overspeak or underspeak: an abrupt end is as damaging as waffle.
DICTION: Hit the last consonants in the word: these will keep your clarity and diction strong and add confidence to your answer.
CONTENT: Aim at specificity. Don’t say you’re a team player without giving an instance of your having been so. Just the one example will suffice.
PERSONALITY: Do not stare - blink. I don’t mean pretend you’ve a fly in your eye but an occasional blink will save you from seeming too concentrated, and you’ll appear more comfortable.


Good information jim_1. I would like to add in PERSONALITY about Body Language. It is most important aspect that a candidate must work on. Body language influences the way you feel and how certain stances and Body language can realize an immense change in the way you feel and act amid interviews. The candidate must work on the following -
• First Impression
• Smile and Make Eye Contact
• Take Control of Your Posture
• Do not Worry Too Much About Tension

This blog will help you to understand more about above terms and face the interview with complete confidence.