Interview results/offer response time for Experience/Graduate Hire


Hello All,

One of the most annoying thing about interviews is the “waiting game”. You have appeared for an interview given your best shot and would like to know if you have made it or not. Simple YES or NO answer. Some people have heard back on the same day or day after while some of them have to wait for weeks to get the results.

It all depends on the company and the type of role. However, for a particular company its quite handy for the candidate to know how they process results. Listed below are some of my experiences. Would be great if we all could share our experiences so that fellow job seekers could have a some idea of positive job offer timelines.

Graduate Deloitte Assessment : Same day/ Day after
Graduate Deloitte Telephonic : 2-3 working days.

Graduate RBS Assessment : Same day / Day after
Graduate RBS Telephonic : 4 -5 working days

Graduate BT Assessment : Same day/ Day after
Graduate BT Telephonic : 2-3 working days.

Graduate Barclays Assessment : Same day / Day after
Graduate Barclays Telephonic : 4 -5 working days

Experienced Accenture Final : 4-5 working days
Experienced Accenture Telephonic : Same day / Day after

Hope it helps. And Wish you “Best of Luck”


Vodafone assessment day takes about 7 working days


Graduate Towers Watson Telephone : 2 working days


Direct Line (formerly, the RBS Insurance) always says ‘you’re under consideration’ the day after each application stage. :slight_smile:

Direct Line Telephonic: 2 weeks

Direct Line AC: 1-2 months (depending how close you’re to the application deadline)


Graduate CITI Assessment : Within a day if the response is positive.

Rejected candidates were informed after 2-3 days.


Last week one of my friend was offered a direct hire position in Accenture. But it took them 9 working days to come back to him.

They tell you that they would come back to in 10 working days to start with!!!