Interview questions - help please


Hello everyone,

I have been going through and preparing for the most likely interview questions that could be asked, and I am left with quite a few questions that I am unsure about, and I have given my thoughts about them. I know there’s quite a lot, but I would really appreciate your help as I have spent time thinking through them.

  1. Why this office / location?
  2. Why aren’t you tempted by London?

I am applying to offices in Nottingham, because that is where my home is, and I prefer to live at home. I never considered working in London, because I don’t feel that that lifestyle is for me. But is this the best way of answering 1 and 2?

  1. Why not IB?

I have been asked this before when I was interviewing for a summer internship in audit (which I didn’t get into), and the question caught me by surprise and I just said something about how I wasn’t interested in investment banking (and I don’t like the hours, but I didn’t say this!). What would be the best way to tackle this question? Would it be by just explaining why audit appeals to you so much?

  1. What research methodologies do you use to complete a piece of work?

I’m not sure what this question is after – is it about how you do your research i.e. for university work, you would consult lecture notes, textbooks, journal articles etc? Or is the question about something else?

  1. Times when my leadership had been challenged and what I had done to overcome that

I don’t have many examples where I have been a leader, and none where my leadership has been challenged, so if such a question were to come up, would it be best to say that this has not occurred, and if it were to occur, how I would tackle it?

  1. A time when you had to solve a complex problem?
  2. A situation where you had to convey complex information to someone?
  3. When you have paid attention to detail

For questions 6, 7 and 8, I was hoping that you could give me some examples from your personal experiences, so it may trigger my memory, as I have really racked my brains but cannot think of a good example for any of them. I have examples of where I have solved problems and conveyed information, but can’t think of a complex problem, or conveying complex information. I pay attention to detail to most of my university work, but cannot think of one example which stands out.

  1. How would you act in front of different clients?

For this question, I was thinking that is the answer the same as the question ‘how would you act in front of clients?’ – i.e. you would treat them all with respect, be sincere, ask them questions to ensure you know exactly what they want etc? Or would you act differently in front of different clients?

Thanks again!